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Ohana Volleyball Club



Advertise with Ohana Sports Complex

Packages starting as low as $500/Year

We are so excited about the Ohana Sports Complex and we would be thrilled if you would partner with us in our adventure.  The Ohana Volleyball Club will be utilizing the facility for weekly practices, clinics, and camps year-round.  There are 115 families who have players on Ohana Volleyball Club teams and they live and consume products every day in the Des Moines community. In addition, we will have numerous out-of-town visitors attending our tournaments.  When we send out tournament invitations and information we are essentially inviting the teams and their families to be a part of our community.  We want them to enjoy their time not only in our complex but also in the surrounding areas.  We want to give them ideas of where to stay, where to eat, where to have some fun, and where they can find some services that may be useful to them.  In short, we want them to find you and we will help them do that!

We believe we have an excellent Advertising Partnership Program.  We will be offering 3 sizes of large banners that will be located along the inside perimeter of our facility along with web banners on our web site for businesses that are interested in working with us. 

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